Monday, January 22, 2007

Dress up Birds :)

Pretty funny birds.... I guess "Undress" is more suitable for the cartoon :)

Are Games for Girls, Too?

Internet gaming seems to be something that boys do. These boys hang out in groups and occasionally there might be a girl in the crowd who blends in with the boys or is the tag-along girlfriend. While this may seem commonplace, it is not the way internet gaming has developed over the last few years.

Girls Games
Girls do play games on the internet. They might not spend their waking moments in arcades or playing with complex character cards, but they should not be excluded from the internet gaming phenomenon. While some enjoy racing or fight style games that boys enjoy, many girls visit websites developed especially for them.

Online dress-up games, like paper dolls, are one of the most popular styles of girl games on the internet. These virtual paper dolls allow girls to try on different outfits or play with dolls that have already been created. And how, you may ask, do girls play with these dolls? Unlike traditional games with controls and score keeping, playing these dress-up games requires imagination and ingenuity.

Powerful Play
Using imagination and creativity during play is powerful. Experts have been encouraging parents to limit television and electronics for years in favor of more creative play. Fortunately, you don’t have to ditch the computer to accommodate these guidelines. A daughter playing with online paper dolls is not only exercising her creative muscle in choosing outfits and hairstyles, but she might be learning crucial skills for the future.

Many business owners and even schools are realizing that collaboration is key to success. Students and employees must come together with ideas and work to create the best product. Group work has been popular for years, and transitioning this work to the internet is the next logical step.

Online Collaboration
Online sites such as are ideal for dabbling in online collaboration. Girls create dolls and then share stories, ideas, and comments on their creations and those of others. Sometimes these communities offer contests and opportunities for prizes for their hard, creative work.

One of the most common ways to share ideas and compete in dress up game contests is to create a doll and then compose a story about the new creation. The stories give girls a chance to share ideas and to practice writing – an important skill in school and life. The better a girl is able to communicate, even about something as simple as a virtual paper doll’s hair color, the better off she will be.

Just for the Fun of It
Of course, it’s easy for a parent to see the long-term advantages of online girl games, but it is also easy to overlook the most basic of facts. Dress up games are fun. There is a reason girls enjoy them so much. If they knew how beneficial talking about their creations and learning to disagree politely in public would be, it might just take some of the enjoyment out of the activity. Let your kid be a kid, and you can sit back and think about what a great parent you are for letting her.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finding Chicks Online

Everyone is on the internet these days. Even schools are realizing how much good information and skills are contained within the World Wide Web. You, of course, have been on the internet since you could first find the keys, and have loved it even longer. You are a master of the online games, videos, and jokes. You know all the good sites and how to get around any firewalls your school or job might try to put in your path. You only seem to have one problem these days.

Where are the Girls?
Sure, we all know there are girls online. A startling percentage of them seem to be willing to shed their clothes, but what about the real girls? The kind you might actually stand a chance talking to? For the longest time you were more interested in finding the great sites for guys, but you’ve missed something crucial. Where do the girls hang out?

Go Where the Girls Go
Girls around your age seem to go pretty logical places. They go to sites where they can do the things they love best. Most kids are familiar with MySpace and the like. They have accounts, but short of visiting with your own friends from school, you never quite know who to trust on websites like that.

A lot of other girls enjoy sites where they can visit and play the sorts of games that interest them. One of the largest girl games online are the online dress up games available on sites such as Girls can create their own paper dolls and discuss their hobby with others interested in the same thing. You might not be interested in the dolls, but you are certainly interested in the creators of these dolls.

Build a Reputation
Sure, you aren’t particularly interested in playing dress up, but you might be surprised at how entertaining it can be. Since you can’t just barge into the site and start flirting, you need to gain a bit of experience and find quality ways to contribute. Girls love to answer questions, so perhaps you can “help” your little sister out by asking about important things or trying to get tips on how to create the best dolls.

It’s never good to lie online since those sorts of things come back to haunt you, so you would do well to actually get your sister involved. Then she can develop a new hobby with lots of girls who might be interested in talking to her older brother who happens to be nice enough to help her out.

Play it Safe
Any girl (or guy) worth her salt is going to be cautious online. These girls don’t know really know you, and you don’t really know them. Trying to flirt too soon or saying something inappropriate might not only get you a bad reputation as an internet psycho, it might also get you banned from respectable sites. Follow the same rules you would offline. Be friends first, and then maybe flirt a little. Get to know others and find common interests. Who knows – you might also really develop a thing for dolls.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Coloring pages for kids + wonderful coloring pages code

Just found another cool engine for games.... If you like coloring you will definitely love the script and pages offered @ You can take any pictures you like and create your own Coloring Book with your pictures as coloring pages.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Free Online Games for Girls

Is your daughter looking for something to do online beside countless games of solitaire? You know there are chat rooms and the like online, but you don’t feel very comfortable with your daughter visiting those sites without you right by her side. - A wise decision, by many accounts. There is an answer for this dilemma. Free online games abound on the internet, and a surprising number of those are designed especially for girls.

Free Online Games for Girls
What sorts of free games are available online? For a person who hasn’t spent much time playing online games, the sheer number of games available may shock you. Of course, there is a wide range of age appropriateness. Some programs are designed for babies, and others are only suitable for adults, but there are definitely a large number appropriate for school age children. It is simply a matter of finding them.

Some websites hold a collection of traditional games which may appeal to boys or girls, although those sites seem to have more traffic from young men. Other sites are designed entirely with the interests of young girls in mind. is the perfect example of a site with free online games for girls.

Girl Games
Sites such as offer girls the sort of games they enjoy. Dress up games and online paper dolls are the specialty of the site, but there are also opportunities for creativity and story telling. Girls can create their own paper dolls or use existing dolls as the basis of stories or for printouts and avatars.

The free online games on these sites offer girls a chance to express themselves through fashion as well as create a background for their doll characters. Visitors to these sites are able to post stories about their dolls and create comments about the stories of others. There are articles related to fashion and current events available specifically designed to appeal to young ladies and even heavily monitored forums to discuss the dolls with others.

The Benefits of Online Games for Girls
The internet has introduced society to the future. Even within the internet, certain aspects are drawing attention as being important knowledge for the future. Interacting with others from around the world in a safe and knowledge-building fashion is deemed so important today, it is even being formally introduced through many schools.

Finding opportunities for your daughter to have a great time online while learning to share her creativity with others is not only fun, but can have a tremendous impact on her future as well. The more opportunities young people have to demonstrate creativity and respectful knowledge sharing, the more prepared for the next generation of technology they will be.

While the creators of online games rarely have social impact in mind, some games simply lend themselves to this. Dress up games such as those on sites such as will not only allow girls to express themselves freely, it also gives visitors a site to constructively comment on and learn from others. Most importantly of all, it’s just plain fun.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Finding Suitable Online Games

All parents have heard the warnings about kids playing on the internet. Even simple searches for the most basic things can bring up inappropriate images or websites. How is a parent supposed to handle their child’s requests to play online games if there is so much negative on the web? The answer is far simpler than it may appear.

Finding the Games
Finding good kids’ games among the myriad of online games can be a bit challenging when first blindly starting to search. The most obvious places to look are sites associated with popular children’s television shows or characters. These may or may not be what your kids are looking for, but they are a start. Many of these games might be geared at younger children or not be very complex.

Other free online games might be advertised as being suitable for children, but have elements that make parents cringe. Kids are a huge market online and many websites might target these innocents in hopes of driving a bit of extra traffic to their site – regardless of what the site contains. Of course, in their defense, the term “kid” spans a rather substantial age range. A website might be geared at teenagers, but that isn’t going to help you find something for your third grader.

Sometimes it might be beneficial to think outside of the box in your search. For example, if you have a daughter, or a fashion-forward son, you might not have considered paper dolls to be the sort of online game you are seeking. Entire websites, such as, can offer hours of play creating dolls, making up corresponding stories and sharing those creations with others.

Supervising the Games
While your child may be more internet savvy than you ever dreamed of becoming, it is still important to maintain a presence over his or her shoulder. Bookmark websites you’ve screened and get your child in the habit of asking before trying out new games. Peek at the screen every now and again to see what he or she is really up to.

While it might seem silly or an invasion of their privacy, it is your job as the parent to protect them from harmful images or people online. Free online games can be a great deal of fun for all members of the family, but they can have things that may surprise you, too. Seek out quality sites, such as The Doll Palace, before your child begins asking, or if you’re brave enough, sit down with them and show them why certain sites are off-limits.

Find games that are fun to play together and use the time to interact positively with your child and blow off a little steam yourself. Who knows, you might find you really have a knack for flying online spaceships or choosing the right pair of shoes to make your doll as fashionable as your daughter’s. There is only one way to find out!