Thursday, November 30, 2006

We went to see "Happy Feet", I loved the cartoon... BTW the only dress up game I remember from cartoons is Ice Age dress Up

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well-Known Dress Up Games

  • The Doll Palace -
  • Star Doll -
  • I-Dress Up Fashion -
  • Dollz Mania
  • My Cartoon Dolls -

Coolest game of the week

Dress Up Game: Gothic Girl
Gothic Beauty - gothic fashion dress up game. Create wonderful goth dollz and gothic girls. Dress up Gothic Dolls in many different outfits, change her hair, style, accessories and show her to your friends. Select hair, outfit , boots and make your own goth avatar.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Creating Avatars

Chat is all the rage these days, and the best way to keep in touch with friends, and maybe even family, is to use internet messengers like AIM or Yahoo. By using messengers or chat, you don’t have to break your phone curfew, but you can still talk to your friends. Other places that are fun to visit are forums, discussion boards, and communal sites like MySpace. The greatest thing about these sites is the opportunity to personalize your screen name by using avatars. Avatars are those little pictures that pop up by your name when you type or post.

As your avatar is your self portrait in a sense, it should reflect who you really are – trendy, stylish, and beautiful. If you are anything like most of the girls in the world today, you probably change your mind about five times a day on what would truly reflect you, but there is a perfect solution for that – use online paper dolls. Use these online paper dolls, such as the ones you find at The Doll Palace, as avatars, and you will have endless style and image opportunities available. That way, you can change your online image as often as you change your virtual hairstyle.

Getting Started
To begin, you would simply need to create an account at the Doll Palace, which is free, and have a blast dressing up all of the dolls in the latest styles and costumes. The folks at the Doll Palace seem to add new outfits and dolls on an almost weekly basis, so there is always something new to try out.

Saving you Avatar
Once you have your doll completed, whether you are punk or princess for the day, simply save her, and you will have the option to create an icon, or avatar, for any of the popular messengers or forums. If you need your best friend’s approval before committing to an avatar, you can also email you doll to her so she can check it out and give you compliments or suggestions.

Creating the Avatar
Once the image is saved, and emailed as the case may be, to create the actual Avatar, you select “Create Free Icon,” and go to town. A sizing box will appear that will allow you to frame your doll in the middle of a window, then save it again. Now the doll will be downloaded to your computer so that you can upload it into your messenger or forum.

Using the Avatar
There are no limits on the number of avatars you can create, so you can have one for every day of the week or every single one of you online boyfriends. Try on new hairstyles and outfits, then show how fashion-forward you are to everyone you talk to online. You are one totally stylish chick, and it’s about time the whole world, or at least your buddy list, knew about it.

Understanding Dress Up Games

Some parents are concerned about their daughter’s safety online. They wonder as she sits down at the computer for hours on end just what is so appealing. Could she be chatting with the dreaded internet predators? Is she seeing too much violence or nudity? Many are relieved when they discover that their daughter is only spending countless hours in front of the monitor playing dress-up games.

What are Dress up Games?
Little girls have always loved playing dress up. Raiding Mom’s closet and pulling on dresses and high heels twice as big as a little girl is a staple of growing up. These games get a bit more broad as little girls begin playing with paper dolls and dressing her own dolls. Finally, as these young ladies begin to discover all that the internet has to offer, they stumble upon doll websites, such as

Doll Websites
Doll websites offer girls, or any other visitor, an opportunity to design and dress their own dolls. The sites provide bases, which resemble a traditional, undressed doll, and almost endless articles of clothing and accessories. Using the doll maker programs that many of these sites offer, the girls build personalized dolls or can “play” with dolls designed by experts. They design outfits, dress the dolls, and create lives and backgrounds for their creations.

New dolls are constantly released, so that there is always something new to try at these sites., for example, offers visitors an opportunity to play dress up games with dolls of every holiday and season as well as unique clothing styles such as Goth or Punk. It’s not hard to understand the appeal of these sites to girls who enjoy playing with outfits and creating new looks – especially when few other outlets offer these particular styles.

Doll Culture
These websites also offer contests, forums, and relevant articles to create an entire doll culture for visitors. Those who enjoy dress up games can visit within a community of others. They can design dolls, write stories and give personality to the dolls, and then share their work with others.

The dolls are used not only for pure entertainment, but also as avatars and signatures for online chats and forums. The doll websites often recognize they are targeting adolescents, so they attempt to offer contests, such as writing fairy tales or designing pumpkins that would appeal to this demographic.

The Future of Dress Up Games
Like all gaming on the internet, there is no end in sight for dress up games. The games are pure, wholesome fun with no negative connotations, and endless amounts of enjoyment for patrons. As more girls become involved in online dress up games, the industry will respond with more designs and more games.

Parents are relieved to have their daughters engaged in appropriate online activities, although forums and chats should always be monitored. Children have a blast designing new looks or giving existing dolls names and personalities. Dress up games are a good fit for everyone.

Make-Believe Games

Imagination is healthy. Unfortunately, many toys and games these days actually stifle the imagination. If there is any indication of the future success of children, it is the amount of imaginative, or make-believe play they engage in on a daily basis. Many parents overlook this critical factor and begin to push learning games or toys with built-in story lines.

From Real-Life to Virtual
Young children almost always begin to play using their imaginations. Toy kitchens and doll houses help little kids act like the grown-ups they admire. Of course, the minute the children discover the wonders of the internet, much of this imaginative play begins to fade, but it doesn’t have to.

There are opportunities online for make-believe games. Although many games children play via the internet involve predetermined actions and plot sequences, this is not the case for all. Some games utilize the imagination more than even traditional toys. Online dolls offer young girls a chance to stretch not only their fashion sense but their imagination as well.

Playing Make-Believe Games
It may seem simple to the casual observer. Stick some clothes on a doll and you have a finished creation. But it is much more than that to the regulars. Every aspect of online play has great significance. Choosing the right base is the first step – is the doll going to represent the doll maker, or is she trying her hand at something new? Then clothing is selected based on what that doll is going to be doing or represent.

Young girls with rich imaginations love playing dress up games with these dolls. The dolls can lead wild fantasy lives or do literally anything the doll maker wishes. Young girls can try on imaginary personalities or styles, or create avatars and characters to be used for any number of games and contests.

Many doll creation sites, like, offer more than simple doll creation software. They give girls a chance to find others interested in the same sort of make-believe games and imaginary worlds. offers forums and opportunities to share stories about dolls. Not only are the girls creating these complex dolls, they are writing histories and stories for their characters as well.

The Benefits of Make-Believe Games
If it is not already obvious, make-believe games, such as these online dolls, give children an opportunity to flex their creative muscle. Creativity and imagination are some of the most wonderful gifts of childhood and often they are stomped out by excessive school work or games that trap players in certain characters or roles. Those that enjoy these dolls should be encouraged to continue playing, and parents interested in developing or fostering these skills in their own children should seek out make-believe games.

Of course the best way to interact with your child as well as encourage the use of the imagination is to sit down routinely with your daughter and ask about her dolls. Do they have a history or is there something special about each one? Parents will be amazed at the lengths doll makers will go to build a complete fantasy life around a simple online paper doll. Imagination is truly a wonder to behold.

Dolls are Games, Too!

The online gaming industry is full of battles, blood, brain teasers, and adventure, but a certain demographic of online games exists which is often not thought of in the same light. While forming guilds and defining battle strategy is certainly entertaining, others enjoy a more fashionable internet existence Dress up games, such as online paper dolls, are a lesser-known, but hugely popular online form of gaming as well.

Dress Up Games
Paper dolls have been popular for centuries. With the advent of the internet, a game which once required scissors and the patience to carefully cut out little outfits and figures, moved online. The first online paper dolls were used almost exclusively for avatars, but over time, these dolls have formed a significant industry with seemingly endless purposes.

Modern online paper dolls, or simply dolls, include a base, or innocently unclothed figure, with unlimited clothing, hair, and accessories to add. Many online doll websites contain prefabricated dolls to enjoy as well as complete doll makers. These doll makers contain a build area where all aspects such as base, clothing, accessories, and even background can be collected and pieced together. When the doll is complete, it may be saved for additional use, or the build area can be emptied and a new doll created.

Young women enjoy the opportunity to be fashion forward and build dolls using certain styles of dress and the latest clothing fashions and hair styles. Many websites offering these kids’ games, such as, unveil new doll makers on a regular basis so that the fan base always has a fresh source of entertainment. Many of the doll makers include current fashion trends and range from casual to seasonal to even formal styles.

How to Play Doll Games
Playing with dolls has many facets. While it is certainly entertaining to view dolls of celebrities or completed dolls showcasing certain styles, it is also fun to play with one’s own dolls and create characters. These characters can be saved onto a computer for use as avatars, desktops, screensavers, or even as logos. Of course, this is not the extent of the dress up games.

Creating online dolls has become so popular that many websites catering to these individuals offer contests, challenges, and other fun activities. also contains popular forums and articles with regular comments by members on various fashion related topics or other areas of interest. The dress up game community is growing by leaps and bounds, and is demanding more outlets for their creativity. These demands are routinely met by websites specializing in this form of entertainment.

Many who enjoy the doll games have begun to create their own bases and fashions in addition to working with those already created. Online dolls might not appear to be in the same category as many of the other popular online games, but deserve their rightful place. The time, energy, and creativity invested in the backgrounds, appearance, and uses of these dolls make other seemingly intensive games pale by comparison. Online dolls are more than a game, they represent a life-style.